Representation And Services
With its vast experience, ICTC can successfully operate with and assist global organizations willing to perform and undertake business in Egypt and Globally under the following fields:

Consulting, Agency, and Representation Services.

Advisory & Consulting services to interested organizations willing to export or import Metallurgical Materials and Products (minerals & metals) from and to Egypt.
Maintain contacts with our customer in Egypt to promptly uncover opportunities and problems.
Assist with negotiations.
Provide introductions to appropriate people.
Help in understanding and provide guidance on local practices and customs in relation with the business.
Arrange ground transport and assistance in Egypt for visitors from the customer and its representatives.
Provide translation services both verbal and in writing.
Accompany customer on tours to the customers and potential customers if needed.
Provide follow up on ongoing issues regarding the execution of sales contract (s).
Arrange for local inspection services if requested.

With its pivotal location on the world map coupled with the Suez Canal imbedded in its land, Egypt is a trade route connecting Eastern and Western Hemispheres together. ICTC has been exporting and importing raw materials with Egypt, through its various Mediterranean and Red Sea ports. ICTC, will always remain ready to explore trading opportunities with the Egyptian and Global market.
ICTC, backed with reputable A Class banks can work with multi-national enterprises on trade deals and long term supply contracts.

Project Development and Joint Ventures:

Egypt’s new government and its policies aim on attracting Foreign Investors, and Foreign Direct Investment to Egypt. This would be possible through clear and transparent government policies which will help investors to operate in a mutually beneficial environment.

ICTC can work on applying for governmental and legal permits and licenses.
ICTC can conduct studies in all forms (commercial, financial, environmental etc……).
ICTC can work on selecting suitable land plots and site allocations.
ICTC can work on marketing and customer seeking in Egypt or internationally.
In the same sense ICTC, can enter into Joint Ventures and partner with multi-national cooperation aiming to enter into direct investmenst in Egypt. Having already preformed such a partnership with the EgyptAnode project, ICTC has had a great deal of experience in the fields of business development and Joint Ventures.