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“International Consulting and Trade Centre, S.A.E. ICTC is a lead trading and agency representation company based in Cairo, Egypt. ICTC has successfully conducted business in the field of industrial raw materials with an aim to further connect the Egyptian market with international markets.”

Agency Representation


ICTC can successfully operate with and assist global organizations willing to perform and undertake business in Egypt in various fields fields

Consulting Services

With their extensive knowledge in the trade and industrial markets combined with years of business expertise, ICTC offers its partners clarity, reliability, and transparency it all their business dealings, projects, and communications.



ICTC has been exporting and importing raw materials, through its various Mediterranean and Red Sea ports. ICTC, will always remain ready to explore trading opportunities with the Egyptian and Global market


EgyptAnode is a merchant coke calcining and baked carbon anode production facility producing high quality carbon materials to be used in the aluminium industry worldwide. EgyptAnode has started full production of its 300,000 MT capacity in 2016 and is successfully producing and exporting high quality anode grade CPC to the aluminum industry as well as TiO2 grade calcined coke to the Titanium Dioxide industry. The Aboulmagd Family / ICTC are the founders of the Egyptanode Merchant Calciner in El Sokhna, Egypt – Egyptian Anode Block Company S.A.E. “EgyptAnode”.



ICTC’s business framework is built on a sustainable business strategy with the aim to achieve consistent positive impact to the economy, the society, and the environment. The core of our strategy is built on integrity, long-term partnerships, transparency, reliability, and safety.

Since its founding, ICTC has had the proficiency in accessing credible and reliant knowledge to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s know-how and market trends enabling the company to create and sustain its partnerships locally and internationally.