About EgyptAnode

EgyptAnode is a merchant coke calcining and baked carbon anode production facility producing high quality carbon materials to be used in the aluminium industry worldwide. In 2015 EgyptAnode has completed 1st phase of the project, a calciner with a production capacity of 300,000 Metric Tons of high-quality calcined coke (Anode & Fuel grade). EgyptAnode has started full production of its 300,000 MT capacity in 2016 and is successfully producing and exporting high quality anode grade CPC to the aluminum industry as well as TiO2 grade calcined coke to the Titanium Dioxide industry.

Phase two of the facility is to build an anode baking furnace to cover the needs of smelters worldwide. EgyptAnode aims is to produce 300,000 M/T of calcined cokes and 300,000 M/T of Carbon Anode Blocks after the full completion of the project.


EgyptAnode Location

EgyptAnode has a Free Zone status and has all the industrial and environmental approvals to produce up to a million tons of carbon materials.

The facility is located in the Governorate of Suez – Egypt, on the Southern entrance of the Suez Canal on the Red Sea, and a short distance from Egypt’s Mediterranean ports, giving it an ideal location to the Middle Eastern, European, and the American markets. 


EgyptAnode Ownership

EgyptAnode has selected a unique blend of professional experts in the business, an American technology combined with a Chinese main contractor along with Egyptian management and expertise, to complete a world class carbon facility. 

ICTC owns 25% of the shares of the company as well as being the marketing arm for the calcined coke produced.