These are the areas and activities that ICTC has specialized in and have successfully cooperated with world renowned organizations around the world in establishing long-term reliable business partnerships.


  • Supply of most the basic raw materials for the non- ferrous industries (with a focus on the aluminum industry), i.e. Green Petroleum Coke “ GPC”, Calcined Petroleum Coke “CPC”, alumina, aluminum fluoride, aluminum hydroxide, Silicon Metal,  cryolite, electrode coal tar pitch, graphite electrodes and prebaked carbon anode blocks.


  • Supply of various industrial minerals and metal ores to the ferrous industries,  ie. Iron ore, Manganese Ore & Sinter, Ferroalloys, Metallurgical Coal & Coke and other carbon materials.


  • Supply of oil refining by-products such as Green and Calcined Petroleum Coke, (anode grade and fuel grade) and Asphalt.


  • Supply of industrial servicing equipment and machinery for heavy industries.


  • Supply of mining machinery and equipment for long-walled mining and ore  concentration and benefactions plants.


  • Refractory furnaces and furnace – lining equipment and materials (refractory bricks,  magnesite, calcined bauxite,….etc.).


  • Silica sand and fullers earth.


  • Synthetic Gypsum.


  • Various Alloys for the Aluminum and Steel Industries.


  • Calcined Petroleum Coke Fines.